SEDUS – New arrivals 2022

SEDUS is a company with a long tradition and 150 years of company history that has repeatedly set standards – in terms of ergonomics, manufacturing processes and sustainability. SEDUS passionately and professionally develop, produce and market high-quality office furniture. An excellent example of this is some of the new products presented in 2022.


black dot + ID

The made-to-measure office chair

Made to measure and individually adapted: the black dot+ ID is more than just an ergonomic office swivel chair. The aim is to offer each person the best possible seating solution according to their needs which is as personal as their own identity. Due to a variety of inlay upholstery, the backrest can be adjusted to the specific anatomy of the user.




Open shelves for efficient space design

Modern, modular and multifunctional: When it comes to zoning, storage space or reorganisation in an open space, se:matrix is the furniture to opt for. From compact to large, numerous design options and practical add-ons, se:matrix is a true all-rounder.




Cosy lounge chair for the office and home

Comfort work with se: lounge – this means arrive, sit down and feel good. The lounge chair combines comfort, versatility and durability at the same time. With its large seat shell and soft upholstery, it offers what a user needs at that particular moment: An island of calm, a retreat for concentrated work or a place of well-being during breaks.