LACIVIDINA - Novelties

Unadulterated aesthetics, high-quality materials, perfect workmanship and exceptional organization. Comfort and appealing designs keeping the Italian manual culture alive. This is laCividina.

Every year, they dream up new products that we can’t pass by without saying a word. We highlight three of their latest products, which (as with all laCividina products) are worth paying attention to.

Node+ is a well-structured and complex range of padded pieces, backrests, dividers and accessories. Padded pieces in a range of shapes and sizes form the cornerstone of the collection. They can be put together in endless arrangements that satisfy all of the needs of living rooms and public spaces.

A new partnership between Gordon Guillaumier and LaCividina has given rise to the Twirl single sofa, which brings together the features of a seat, a desk and a screen in one simple, swirling irregular shape. It can serve as a cosy private alcove and caters to a freer, less cluttered vision of working environments.

Idda, is what the people of Catania call Mount Etna and it is also the name of this coffee table, which takes the outline of the volcano – with winding lava flows wrapped around it – and turns it upside down.