Introducing our NEW partner: SIXINCH

In 2003 Michel Sels and Pieter Jamart shared the same passion for foam and coating, so they decided to launch SIXINCH. The company has grown since the start and continues to grow. Currently active with 11 factories worldwide covering many countries. SIXINCH focus is to collaborate with designers and architects creating vibrant and exciting furniture pieces.

Coating used by SIXINCH for their furnitures is new option towards traditional upholstery. Here they are able to spray directly onto the cutted foam shape. The advantages are that they can spray more complex shapes and that they offer all RAL and NCS colors.

Types of coating for the SIXINCH products:

MediFlex ®

MediFlex is a new coating based on a 3-layer system just like FlexPlus but with the second layer being extremely thin and flexible. The endlack has a soft, smooth feel and look. A semi strong coating for indoor use.

FlexPlus ®

Flexplus is an advanced 3 layer coating system, with an elastic PU, the endlack has a special soft touch feeling, also here a UV stable pigment, very strong, indoor / outdoor usage, smooth surface.

HardCoat ®

Based onto the same technique as the FlexPlus, but with different chemicals it provides a solid hard topcoat to be compared as polyester. Indoor / outdoor usage, also with a UV stable end lack, slightly bumpy surface, extreme strong.

ProFlex ®

ProFlex is a very durable, strong yet flexible coating designed for tough environments where the furniture needs to be extra sturdy. It is composed of a primer and two PU layers. Very durable. For inside and outside use.

ViroFlex Additive ®

VIROFLEX formulation is a one-component polyurethane-polysiloxane additive which has the characteristic of being a disinfectant and has a mechanical and non-chemical effect on micro-organisms.



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