The Quadrum office building

The Quadrum office building

Location: 2220 Vecsés, Lincoln út 1.

Project name: The Quadrum irodaház

Designer: Value4Real Kft.


  • Narbutas: Twist & Sit bar stool
  • Narbutas: Nova high table
  • Pedrali: Arki table
  • Pedrali: Malmö coffee table
  • Pedrali: Parenthesis coffee table
  • ScanSorlie: Mr.Box acoustic booth
  • Pedrali: Nemea chair
  • Profim: Vancouver Lite armchair and sofa
  • Pedrali: Island poof
  • Profim: Vancouver Oto poof
  • Narbutas: T-Easy conference table
  • Interstuhl: Nesty conference table
  • Balma: H2 conference table
  • Narbutas: Top 530 table screen
  • Narbutas: Polytone-L conference chair
  • Narbutas: Easy height adjustable desk
  • Bene: Pixel modular furniture
  • Narbutas: Nova Basic locker