DHL office space

Furniture supplier and contractor: Zconcept Kft.

Designer: Berentés Boglárka – Zconcept Kft.

Graphic designer: Dekorkommandó Kft.

Flooring: Uniket Bt.


New, modern, practical and ergonomic furniture has been installed in DHL’s office in Budapest. The layout of the interior space was designed taking into account the needs of the users, so the furniture placed in the office was tailored to the needs of the workers in terms of function, layout, and aesthetic appearance.

After joint consultation with the clients, the area received a new vinyl covering and floor carpet, which bring the space to life with a playful arrangement. The colors of the floor carpet are dominated by grey, purple and green, while the laminated furniture surfaces harmonize in white and bleached oak.

The main challenge in this large space was that we had to create three new offices within the large open area at the request of the clients. We had to place the offices in front of the windows, so we definitely wanted to create the new units with glass walls. In the end, our joint decision with the client fell on PREMOSA: Premium mobilizable partitions. The structure was built between the finished floor and false ceiling and provides adequate sound insulation.

The workplaces located in the large open space are made up of two types of desks for efficient hot-desk work. In addition to the NARBUTAS: Nova U 4-person bench table groups, 1 piece of 2-person NARBUTAS: Motion electrically adjustable height table group is included. The end of the tables were closed with NARBUTAS: Choice sliding door cabinets, on which NARBUTAS: Box planters were placed, thereby introducing green plants into the space. With this system, the hot-desk work area was properly separated in this large office.

The next task was to create a community area that is both suitable for informal conversations and even team meetings. We separated this area with a BALMA: Stepps shelving system, which was also designed with lots of green plants. The PROFIM: Revo modular seating system is located behind the shelf system, which was specifically tailored to the needs of the area. PROFIM: Vancouver Oto poufs were also installed, giving this area even more flexibility and modularity.


Since most of the space is made up of work areas, we had to find a solution for placing the lockers. In addition to making use of some free wall space, we created a “space divider” with the help of NARBUTAS: Choice lockers, which separates two work groups. The lockers were individually numbered.

We wanted to standardize the equipment of the meeting rooms to some extent, so NARBUTAS: Twist&Sit upholstered meeting chairs were placed in each room. The tables were selected according to the needs of the given space and function, so the two larger meeting rooms were equipped with NARBUTAS: Plana tables, and for the smaller, narrow meeting room, we chose the NARBUTAS: Air meeting table, which was manufactured in a unique size to fit the space perfectly.


We had to create a lounge area in the front, which matches the American diner style of the dining room. For this, we designed PEDRALI: Modus benches with red faux leather upholstery, and NARBUTAS: Twist&Sit bar stools with red and black faux leather upholstery. In terms of tables, we decided on the BALMA: H2 tables, whose elements were placed at different heights. Lockers were also added here, so the remaining wall space was also filled with NARBUTAS: Choice lockers. Finally, in order to achieve the right state of acoustic and aesthetic effects, we hung NARBUTAS: Acoustic Artwork acoustic panels from the ceiling.