Digilock is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electronic locks and smart locks.
It has an overseas center, but has offices and offices all over the world
many office furniture manufacturers also use Digilock products and incorporate them into their own furniture.
Digilock systems are extremely easy to install, energy efficient and the use of the management system is also easy to learn.
Users can choose from several opening / closing services and extra services can be paired.
There are several types of locks to choose from depending on the needs of the user and the characteristics of the location.
Product types:
– Smart locks
– Electric locks
– Luggage storage solutions
– Juice bar amenities and security services
Digilock locks and their control systems are perfect for any business or
employees of a multinational company to operate locker cabinets.
For companies engaged in manufacturing, it is also perfect for closing lockers
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