Design furniture

LaCividina was founded in 1976 in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, in the North East of Italy. It is now a leading manufacturer of armchairs and sofas, working both as a contractor and for private customers. A quintessentially Italian approach is tangible in every design and flawlessly encapsulated in the products thanks to the carefully selected materials and finishes, as well as the tailored service for customers.

LaCividina designs and makes ranges of sofas and armchairs for the entire contracting market. It has built its success in Italy and other countries on its ability to ensure that every single product combines distinctive Italian design with expertise and experience, which are increasingly rare qualities. Its outstanding reputation is also based on its dedication to catering meticulously to its customers’ requirements and its flexibility as it manages to offer the ideal solution every time.

LaCividina has a very wide range and it is extremely flexible with dimensions and finishes, so it can meet all of the requirements of the residential market. At the heart of every design is a blend of rationality and devotion to timeless sofas and armchairs, so it is only natural for people to choose LaCividina products for their homes. The staff will always be happy to help them make the perfect choice for all of their needs.