Design furniture


Cantarutti stands for consistent, traditional italian chair design coupled with a contemporary spin and the use of high-quality materials. turning the past 40 years of a family-run business into a modern and competitive company, whose products are dedicated both to the contract and the residential market.

founded by the cantarutti family in 1970, the company is now run by its second generation that, with the cooperation of a team of designers, today integrates the classic line with a series of contemporary, original products which reflect the company’s philosophy, and its crucial positioning.

using solid wood as key material, cantarutti features an extensive range of customizations and finishes, operating with maximum respect for the environment, working with fsc-certified suppliers, and using eco-friendly materials for the entire production cycle.

cantarutti’s headquarters are located in premariacco, in the italian chair district, where you can find the offices, logistics and workshop space, that combined provide a streamlined service throughout italy and the rest of the world.