Design furniture


Before we start our story, we would like to tell you of our journeys to Scandinavia. It is the end of the Sixties, and Luigi Crassevig has gone through the extraordinary birch road leading to Scandinavia several times, always seeking new sensations and solutions to combine the classic styles of the past with modern and refined innovations, centred in home furnishing and creative use of wood. And on this road we defined our own style, in a harmonious union between what we used to be and what we wanted to become.

From 1969 to the present day, and over three generations, creative, imaginative spirit mixed with self belief produced the high quality tradition of Italian craftsmanship that has marked Crassevig’s name, with tables and chairs appreciated throughout the world and distinguished by their tight, functional form. The company good reputation is due to its unmatched skill and meticulousness in wood bending and to the cooperation with the world’s most prominent designers in order to give life to products designed for both commercial and domestic settings. If working with wood means taming nature and wedding it to human inclinations and habits, Crassevig has been acting in this direction for more than forty years.

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