The company was founded in 1975 and thanks to its founder, the company has been dealing with the shaping of iron and metal plates ever since. In the early years, Quinty provided support for big office- and household furniture producing companies in design and producing and through this, Quinty got huge experience in this field. At the beginning of the 90s, Quinty started to produce chairs for partners due to its regained professional expertise and a bit later, the first real Quinty armchair collection was born.  Today, the company has VISION EN ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates, it produces the metal structure of chairs and armchairs and it is the proud owner of an own production process which reaches from sewing to the packing of the products.


HOWE Furniture was founded in the 1920s in Trumbull, Connecticut, by Harold Howe. HOWE started out making card tables, snack tables, bedside tables, folding cribs, wooden hat racks, sewing tables and just about any furniture that folded. One early HOWE slogan was: “IF IT FOLDS, ASK HOWE”.

During the 20th century the HOWE brand became the leading brand of multi-usage and space-saving tables in North America. The slogan was TABLES = HOWE.

HOWE’s European organisation started in the late 1960’s on a license agreement. Later, in 1989, HOWE acquired the European licensee and its production facilities and operations in Middelfart, Denmark. HOWE Europe a/s became a reality. It manufactured chairs and tables.

During the 1990’s and early 2000’s HOWE in Europe and HOWE in the US developed into two independent brands, following different concepts and go-to-market strategies. The European organisation expanded due to its A&D focused strategy and strong product development. In 2011 we implemented ONE WORLD – ONE HOWE, meaning that the European HOWE overtook all the North American HOWE activities and began rolling out the European strategy and HOWE collection in North America.

Today all international HOWE activities are managed from Denmark, with strong international sales and an extensive supply network. HOWE a/s has subsidiaries in USA, UK and France. HOWE is owned by CF Group.