Founded in 2005, Karboxx has quickly made a name for itself in the field of design lighting products. Technology and elegance are the standout features of Karboxx design. Modern materials, advanced technology, lightness and resistance in conjunction with a minimal design, impress to the Karboxx brand an immediate identity.

With an eye towards evolving lifestyles, Karboxx has taken on the current yet unknown subject of well-being through chromotherapy lighting, and has included the most advanced solutions in its range of products.

Karboxx is a totally new concept design technology applied to interior lighting, providing the illumination market with compound materials such as carbon and glass fiber, aiming to bring together the qualities of lightness, mechanical resistance and beauty of these materials in projects that enhance these properties.

This has led to lamp designs that interpret light in a variety of ways. Products are created, developed and made in Italy. Designed by well known designers (such asEnrico Franzolini, Vicente Garcia Jimenez and Brian Rasmussen), Karboxx collection includes a complete set of lamps, desk lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, hanging lamps, wall lamps and other complementary lighting.

Nyx by Karboxx, source of design.

In 2012 from the experience of Karboxx was born Nyx. This is a new collection based on LED technology, but also available with fluorescent light sources, designed specifically for the lighting of the working environment, with particular attention to the needs of professional studios, as well as of valuable work and corporate offices.

In Greek mythology, Nyx was the goddess of the night, from which were born Aether and Hemera, the light and the day. Nyx is therefore the emotion of light as a natural evolution of the dark.

Nyx by Karboxx radiates an advanced concept of light design that takes care of the physical and emotional wellbeing of the workers, stimulating the creativity, encouraging the concentration and characterizing the style of the environments coherently.


Established in 1945 by the master Giuseppe Ostuni, Oluce is the oldest Italian lighting design company that is still active today. In fact, before the war there existed only Gino Sarfatti’s Arteluce, which disappeared in the late ’90s, while 1948 saw the birth of Azucena and Lamperti, followed by Arredoluce and Stilnovo in 1950. But for many years it was chiefly Arteluce, Azucena and Oluce that dominated the Italian scene, creating a hub for the designers – strongly engaged first in the reconstruction and later in the birth of series production – who animated the Milanese forum: Vittoriano Viganò and BBPR, Gigi Caccia Dominioni and Ignazio Gardella, Marco Zanuso and Joe Colombo.