NARDI - ambassador of Italian style

NARDI is an ambassador of Italian style across the globe. For over 30 years, they have produced polypropylene furniture for outdoor use, suitable for both residential and public spaces, owing to an in-depth search into the best design and quality.

Raffaello Galiotto is the designer behind all NARDI products. His approach, which combines an artistic background with an early interest in industrial design, aims at valuing the specific qualities of every material, with projects that enhance their appeal as well as the potential of the production processes.

Designed by Raffaello Galiotto and produced thanks to NARDI’s experience gained over multiple decades, NARDI products have received international accolades such as the Adi Design Index, the Red Dot Design Award, Good Design Award and the Green Good Design Award.

The main material used in their products is resin (also called polypropylene): light-weight, durable, recyclable, non-toxic and anti-static, resistant to all weather and to saline environments.