DOMKAPA-founded in portugal-holds a tremendous passion for detailed stitching, presenting several similarities to the haute-couture philosophy focused on the value of a “made by hand”.

DOMKAPA presented its 2022 collection with amazing detailed chairs, armchairs, sofas and beds.

Louise chair´s robust design exhales confidence and character allied with simple lines but a strong statement of comfort.

Parker sofa expresses a straightforward aesthetics complemented by generous and welcoming proportions. Resting on slender wood or metal feet, the wide armrest allows great comfort combined with the fully padded double cushions on the back.

Alexander armchair is a highly innovative solution linked to a functional and quite traditional shape. A powerful and embracing structure where a high back smoothly connects to the seat cushion and ends on a swivel base.

Kelsi bed is an outstanding design and handcraft work, combining unique production techniques and fine materials to create a rare piece. The wingback headboard is the focal point of this bed, rich in details.

Inspired by a concept of elegance, comfort, and intimacy, Juliet sofa is a rounded piece supported by four steel legs and tubing. Characterized by soft curves and balanced proportions, the backrest extends to the sides creating subtle and elegant armrests.

Margot bed is linked to functional and essential shapes, resulting in a unique upholstered piece. The wide and enveloping headboard, with its soft lines and quality details, is divided into two padded sets to favor moments of rest.