NARBUTAS – Novelties

ARQUS collection

We present ARQUS, a collection of executive furniture with a modern luxury feel and distinctive character. Working with the Italian studio Orlandini Design, Narbutas created executive furniture that has light lines, while retaining the presentable image of this furniture category. The collection includes modern executive desks, meeting tables, cabinets and wardrobes. That is all you need to create a comfortable and stylistically unified executive work environment.



PARTHOS collection

PARTHOS is a collection of stylish, mobile and sustainable acoustic columns that not only improve the acoustics of spaces but also make the environment more functional. Acoustic columns are one of the solutions to achieve the desired acoustic balance in a variety of spaces, creating a pleasant and efficient work environment. Best of all, PARTHOS require no special fixing, thus giving you more freedom and flexibility.


COMBUS – modular shelving system

The COMBUS modular shelving system not only serves the function of a traditional shelf, but is also a good choice for shaping and partitioning spaces. This system consists of freestanding shelving units, planter shelf units and shelving units for mounting on cabinets. The COMBUS collection is wide-ranging, with different shelf types, heights and shapes, to give designers and architects more possibilities to create. The system can be used in the middle of a space, against a wall or shaped as a corner.



CANNIE stools

CANNIE high or medium high and standard-height stools can easily fit into collaborative or meeting spaces, an office kitchen and public spaces. Designers will enjoy choosing from as many as 1620 possible combinations! They range from neutral combinations that blend in with the surroundings to brighter combinations that can serve as an interior accent.