Indoor furnitures

Zeus Noto

ZEUS was founded in 1984 by a group of friends who enjoyed and wanted to share their experiences in the fields of DESIGN – FASHION – ART. Their aim was to merge and deliberately “contaminate” their ideas under the name of ZEUS, a rather “arrogant” brand name. This very instinctive initial idea gave rise to a boutique that designed and produced its own fabrics and fashion collections, an art gallery presenting one-man shows by group members and avant-garde proposals from Italy and abroad, and a collection of design furniture.

Today, all that remains from this initial project are the ZEUS fashion boutique and the design collection, which is primarily designed by its Art Director Maurizio Peregalli. Industrial-type materials are used in ZEUS design collection.

For example, linoleum flooring is used to cover tables and consoles.

Pirelli “polka dot” rubber sheets normally used for car mats are applied to chair seats, and extruded rubber couplings are turned into armrests and backrests, and so on.

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